House Calls Telehealth Program

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House Calls Telehealth Program Overview

Available for MetroPlus members living with Diabetes and/or Heart Failure.

We provide personalized care management by a team of highly skilled nurses and care professionals who will Care Management for your patients with Diabetes and or Heart Failure, remotely.  The Telehealth team receives the daily transmitted results of the patient’s blood sugar, blood pressure and weights and responds quickly to any patient whose results indicate the need for assistance in managing their chronic illnesses. Currently, patients must be enrolled in Metro Plus- either in Medicaid or Medicare and have a phone to allow communication with the Telehealth team.

The House Calls program coordinates patient care with the primary physician and health care team and in addition to the monitoring technology; provides patients with nursing consultation and outstanding personalized care, education and outcome targeted disease management.

Positive reinforcement for behavior change is the key to program success and patients enrolled in the program get frequent phone calls and letters praising them for their efforts to effectively manage their disease.  Chronic diseases like diabetes require increased support to manage effectively and the agency is committed to providing the necessary support to patients to become as healthy as we know they want to be!

Patients in the HHC House Calls program have had consistent health improvements and nearly 70% of patients involved in the program for more than 40 days during 2008 saw significant reduction in their blood sugar levels.