Maternal Child Health

is a program designed to improve pre and post natal maternal health with the goal of improving short-to-long-term infant health and preventing postpartum complications. Patients receive education in breastfeeding techniques, parenting and child-care skills, and assisting in the transition to the new family structure. Additionally, services are available should babies be born with any abnormalities that require additional care or moms continue to experience post-partum complications. 

Admission & Eligibility

For admission to the program the patientmust:  

  • Be pregnant or postpartum, breast feeding
    and/or in need of specialized assessment,
    treatment or education;
  • Be under the care of a physician;
  • Reside in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx;
  • Be motivated to receive home care and willing to participate in their plan of care.

Program Description

To promote coordinated, effective care, HHC Health and Home Care employs a team approach. Services provided by the team may include:   

  • Antepartum assessment and teaching related to pre-term labor, gestational diabetes, hyperemesis or pre-eclampsia;
  • Specialized services for mothers with medical/surgical complications, post-cesarean wound care, complex social situations, or who require assistance with parenting skills;
  • Home visiting program for mothers that are exclusively breastfeeding, currently residing in Bronx and Queens;
  • All Breastfeeding mothers that are having difficulties;
  • High risk infant care targeted at those suffering from drug exposure, birth trauma, congenital anomalies, prematurity, HIV exposure, or failure to thrive;
  • Extended care for chronically ill children specializing in Respiratory care for children with asthma, cyctic fibrosis bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and allergic airways; Instruction and monitoring of children with diabetes mellitus; Early intervention rehabilitation services.

Download Maternal-Child Health Brochure